How to wear your corset; Full time or Foundation Garment?


How to wear your corset

Wearing a corset for the first time can be a little daunting; and then there is deciding how often it will be worn.

The questions you need to ask yourself are; Is your corset wear for Waist Training or as a Foundation garment or even both?

What’s the difference between these two categories? Lets break it down into some simple explanations.


Wearing a corset for Waist Training

Waist training is where the corset is worn for 12+ hours daily with the goal of gradually changing your waist shape.

Some basic points to remember about waist training:

  • Waist Training Corsets are designed to be worn during normal activities, and are not intended to we worn to the gym or during vigorous exercise
  • A corset designed for waist training will have 20+ spiral steel bones and is constructed with coutil cotton and sturdy stitching, Read More....
  • The process is intended to be slow, and the corset is to be tightened to a comfortable level
  • The goal of waist training is to modify your waist to an hourglass shape which requires time and dedication
  • Mobility can feel limited when wearing a corset this is normal and will ease with time

It is intended to be a slow process, where you start wearing your corset for a few hours, and gradually increase your wear time. When waist training, the corset should be firm but not tightened to the point it is causing any pain or discomfort.

When you are new to waist training, it is important to season or break in a new corset before wearing for long periods of time. Have a read of our Corset Seasoning Guide for more information.

The biggest mistake people make when beginning a waist training regime with a corset is not buying a corset designed and structured for the task, and over-tightening the corset too soon. 

Wearing Corsets as foundation garments

 Wearing a corset as a foundation under clothing can be extremely satisfying and create some classic curvy silhouettes. A corset can work with or even replace standard shape-wear.

Choosing to wear a corset as a foundation garment will mean the wear time varies to suit each situation. The goal of wearing a corset as a foundation is to define shape, and not necessarily train your waist smaller.

The trick to wearing a corset as a base layer is to have complimentary underwear that not only is comfortable but works with the corset.

Some of our favorite undergarments to pair with corsets are:

  • Full briefs and shaping undies – These are amazing to wear over the top of the corset and help smooth the corset lines. Please note that using the bathroom can be difficult if you have worn the shaping undies underneath the corset.
  • Longline bras – Vintage longline bras are amazing over or under a corset. They smooth the top line as well as exude an elegant vintage feel.
  • Wireless bras – Wireless bras are your new best friend. A corset will support and lift your bust, but can make the wires on bras dig into your armpits. We suggest investing in the seamless wireless bras (yes the ones on TV) and wearing 2 at the same time.
  • Full body slips – A shaping or plain loose slip finishes and smooths the corset boning especially under tight fitting dresses.


A note on Latex Cinchers (Aka "Waist Trainers, Waist Slimming Belts ect" promoted by celebrities)

 Latex cinchers have recently become popular due to celebrity endorsement across social media. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation surrounding their usage and purpose. 

To clarify, a latex cincher is intended to be worn during vigorous exercise to assist in the the amount of sweat produced on the mid-section area. They will stretch over time and require regular replacement.

Some basic information on Latex Cinchers:

  • Intended to be worn for a maximum of 2 hours a day
  • Helps produce excess sweat which potentially sheds water weight
  • Can cause rashes on the skin due to the skin suffocation
  • Needs regular sanitising to prevent bacteria growth
  • Having steel bones in a latex cincher doesn't classify it as a corset, they are supposed to prevent rolling of the material while wearing


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