Seasoning (Breaking in) your corset

If you are new to waist training, or corset wearing in general, you may be wondering what this “seasoning” we keep referring to. Alas we don’t put spices on our corsets – we are referring to process used for breaking in your corset.
You might be wondering why you would need to break in your corset, and what will happen if you bypass the process. Below is a quick guide for beginners with all the info you will need to start seasoning your corset.

Why do I need to season my corset, and what is seasoning? 

Seasoning is a common term used referring to the process of breaking in your corset. The easiest way to describe it is this - it’s like breaking in a new pair of heels. It takes time for your heels to become comfortable and mould to your feet. Of course the process is a little different, but the concept is still the same.

Why you need to season your corset.

It is absolutely necessary to season each new corset because of these 3 reasons:
  • It lengthens the lifespan of your corset;
  • The process helps your body become used to wearing a corset
  • The corset will mould to your body shape during seasoning. It will help close any gaps that may be present from your first wear.

How do I start seasoning my Corset?

Firstly, put on your corset and tighten the laces loosely. You should not lace tighter than 2 inches in the first 2 weeks of seasoning.
If you over tighten the corset before its fully seasoned, you may cause damage such as warping of the bones, tearing of fabric and damage to your laces. You may also experience other physical symptoms such as light headedness and shortness of breath.
You then wear your corset for a short period of time to begin with, increasing your wear time each day by 30 minutes. We have put together a simple guide showing how long to wear your corset daily to complete the seasoning process.

Seasoning Schedule

We have put together a simple guide to follow when seasoning your corset. You don't need to stick to the time frames exactly, but it does help with keeping track of your corset wear.

Corset Seasoning Schedule

If you have had a break between seasoning (due to illness ect) you do not need to re-start the schedule. Just begin seasoning again from where you stopped.
Storing your corset – (this is important)

Now we come to the second most important part of seasoning – storing your corset. After you take your corset off, make sure you store it in such a way that the boning isn’t interrupted. The best way to store your corset is over the back of a chair or over a coat hanger. Make sure you hang your corset on a strong wooden hanger and by the laces.Hanging corsets for storage

I have completed seasoning, how long can I wear my corset?
Once you have completed seasoning your corset, you may wear it as long as you want and as tight as is comfortable for you. For the best results, and the most enjoyable waist training experience – tighten your laces one inch at a time. Waist training is a slow process, and not a race.
Always do what is comfortable for you, and listen to your body. If you feel short of breath or dizzy while wearing a corset, take it off immediately. Always consult a medical practitioner before starting your waist training, just in case.
Common seasoning FAQ’s

Q: I just put my corset on for the first time and it has huge gaps at the top and bottom?
A: This is completely normal and the gaps will close as you progress through seasoning. If the back of the corset is completely laced shut from first wear, then it is too big.

Q: How do I tell if my corset is reduced 2 inches?
A: Measure yourself before you put your corset on. Then once the corset is on and tightened, it should measure 2 inches less than the original measurement.

Q:The back of my corset closure isn’t parallel, is this bad?
A: It takes practice to lace a corset so the back closure is perfectly parallel. You will however cause damage if the corset closure is bowed like this ( ) or this ) (. As long as you keep the back closure straight as possible - like this / \ or this \ / you won’t cause damage.

Q: I have to force the clips closed when putting on my corset. Is this normal?
A: You must loosen your corset laces fully when putting on, and taking off your corset. If you have to force the busk clips onto the posts, you may bend them and then they won’t clip properly. The same goes for removing your corset, always loosen the laces fully first before un-clipping the busk.